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Easily change the appearance of the facade with KalsiClad

The appearance of the building facade is the main attraction of a building, especially in a commercial building such as malls, office buildings, educational buildings, shop houses and so on. Modern minimalist building facade has become a trend in the world of construction lately to support the concept, it requires criteria for the right building material, besides that it must be safe, strong, environmentally friendly and also easy to apply.

Safe, material for facade must be harmless when for example a fire does not easily collapse and endangers people around it. Strong, the material must be strong enough to withstand strong wind when applied at height. Environmentally friendly, these materials must meet high standards of green building specifications. Easy to apply, the material must have a modular design that is easily formed and installed according to the design.

PT. Eternit Gresik has KalsiClad products, fibersemen boards for external wall applications. Now making new or old building facades easier and more efficient with the KalsiClad lightweight construction system that has the advantages of Antifungal, Water Resistant, Termite Resistant, Impact Resistant, Fireproof and 100% Asbestos Free. KalsiPart 8 boards have been tested with various international standard tests so that they can be relied upon as material for building facades.

To support the KalsiClad partition application guides and accessories have been provided that will optimize the facade of the building. To support KalsiClad's outer wall system, supporting accessories are also provided that have been carefully designed by 3 research centers in Europe to produce special accessories for KalsiScrew PC. The advantage of the screw is that it is able to penetrate the surface of the KalsiClad and the frame easily and features a fin on the screw head that can fit into the KalsiClad board so that the surface looks flat without the bulge of the screw head.

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