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Kalsifloor are ideal for all type of buildings

KalsiFLoor 20 can be applied on various types of building floors, such as houses, boarding houses, shop houses, offices, malls, auditoriums,
warehouses and other buildings. In contrast to conventional floor-raising systems that do not require a lot of time and energy as well as
construction waste generated, the KalsiFloor 20 floor system is present to revolutionize it. KalsiFloor 20 has guidelines and accessories provided to support optimal floor installation, which has been developed by 3 research centers in
Belgium so that the installation process is fast, easy, strong and efficient. Fast & Efficient, KalsiFloor 20 is designed with a modular system so that installation is much faster when compared to conventional systems
will save time and money. Clean & Dry, KalsiFloor 20 supports a lightweight construction system that is dry, clean and efficient resulting in minimal
construction waste. Easy, KalsiFloor 20 is designed with a modular system so that the installation process is very easy and efficient when compared
to conventional systems. Strong, according to the test results with a 120x60cm frame module capable of withstanding loads up to 800Kg. With all the benefits provided by KalsiFloor 20 you do not need to hesitate to use the KalsiFloor 20 board as the main choice to replace
conventional non-concrete systems.

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