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Old buildings appear new with use KalsiClad facade

If you have an old building such as a warehouse, building, house or shop, of course you find designs that are outdated and damaged here and there, this certainly disturbs the mind because  surely you think of how much it costs if the building is completely destroyed into a new building, even though according to You have several parts that might still be good and can be maintained. The right solution for this problem is the KalsiClad outer wall modular system, KalsiClad is designed to be easily applied without completely overhauling the building, simply covering the outer walls of the old building with the metal frame that KalsiClad will install and then finishing with weatherproof paint with colors to suit your taste, instantly your old building is back new. With the new look of the old building you definitely have a higher selling value and are ready to be commercialized, more efficient and efficient without the need to overhaul the entire building. Interesting right? Consult your project with our expert team.

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