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Strong, mold free, termites & humidity resistant ceiling

When talking about the ceiling in a building, we should choose the right material to be applied in an area that has relatively high humidity and temperature as in Indonesia.

Especially if the material is applied to areas exposed to water and high humidity such as in bathrooms and kitchens.
Which poses a threat to fungal growth and material damage, of course a loss that is not small for health and financial.
For this reason, it is necessary to have an ideal material composition for your project ceiling application, PT. Eternit Gresik saw this opportunity by innovating to create Kalsi-Board Ling 6 boards, cemented boards produced from quality raw materials such as cement, silica sand, cellulos fibers and other quality materials.

What distinguishes it from other similar products is the KalsiBoard Ling 6 board, the entire production process uses
high standards and the most advanced technology from the Belgian Etex Company (which has experienced world of building materials for more than one hundred years) and is under the supervision of specially imported experts from the European continent.

So that the quality of the KalsiBoard Ling 6 board has no doubt about its strength, especially it has been tested and passed various tests with international standards.

AUTOCLAVED technology from Etex Company Belgium is an advanced drying technology with high pressure and temperature that produces KalsiBoard Ling 6 Flexible, Water Resistant, Termite Resistant, Fireproof, Impact Resistant and 100% Asbestos-free boards.

With this technology the production process for KalsiBoard Ling 6 boards is not weather dependent and can be produced continuously so that the availability of goods is no longer a problem.

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