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Thanks to kalsiplank the buildings look elegant and natural

The natural nuance of wood for the appearance of the outer wall of the building is now increasingly popular with the community, if in addition to using natural wood material, of course it is already becoming scarce because massive logging is also an expensive price.

PT. Eternit Gresik has the best solution for innovative wood replacement products for the outer walls of the building, while these products are KalsiPlank 8, KalsiPlank 8 Teak, KalsiPlank 9 and KalsiPlank 9 Cedar. This KalsiPlank variant has the advantage of being able to combine the beauty and flexibility of natural wood with the anti-fungal, water-resistant, termite-resistant, impact-resistant, fire-resistant and 100% Asbestos-free Kalsi strength.

Besides that, KalsiPlank has various and characteristic texture variants such as plain wood texture, teak wood and cedar wood.

KalsiPlank is easily applied to the outer walls of the building, can be applied to beautify old buildings and new buildings easily. The interior also looks stunning with KalsiPlank 8 Teak Usually the interior wall looks monotonous with a plain partition / wall with one color, or if you want to look different, usually we hang something on the wall like a painting or family photo, or usually make a wall with exposed brick. Now you can make it 180 degrees different by applying KalsiPlank 8 Teak to the interior walls of the room to produce a warm, elegant and charming impression. Like an interior design besides which can be used as a reference for your project.

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