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The right material for a hygienic partition project

Buildings that have high hygiene standards such as laboratories, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants, factories and others will definitely need materials
that are environmentally friendly and strong.
Environmentally friendly, in this case the material does not contain content that is harmful to health and has been certified as a credible green product.
Strong in this case the material is able to survive in a variety of weather conditions and high humidity so that mold spores will not grow and affect health.
KalsiPart 8 partition board in this case is a very appropriate solution, because KalsiPart 8 material is antifungal, water resistant,
fire resistant and 100% asbestos free.
KalsiPart 8 is an environmentally friendly product and has a Singapore Green label certification. With this
there is no doubt using KalsiPart 8 to project your building partitions.

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