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Unlimited creativity with KalsiClad boards for facades

The facade area of ​​a building must be designed in such a way that it can be the main attraction.
To make an attractive facade design, a unique and unusual design is usually needed,
as in the following hotel project where the KalsiClad board in the hole forms a unique carving pattern typical of the island.

Because of the superiority of the KalsiClad board, this type of carving design is perfectly accommodated.
This can happen because KalsiClad belongs to a strong medium density
board and is also flexible, if this is done on a board containing asbestos it will certainly break because it is brittle.

Not only does it apply a flat and monotonous facade, the addition of random diagonal lines can also be presented using the KalsiClad board.
So that adds to the beauty of the building with the application of facade designs that look different. What's more important is
KalsiClad's long-lasting and minimal maintenance, in the process the final finishing of the painting is very easy, it can be applied
with various weather resistant colors according to taste. Realize your imagination of a beautiful and strong facade
with KalsiClad 10 boards and KalsiClad 12.

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