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Wet area partition material that meets standards

Wet areas in a building such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and rooms near the swimming pool are areas that need special treatment,
because these areas are very susceptible to exposure to water and high humidity which can affect improper building material.
Some of the risks that arise in the wet area are the growth of fungi with spores that are harmful to health, the growth of fungi that can
damage building materials that can cause physical risk to occupants of the building. IRC (International Residential Code) 2012 has set the type of material that should not be used on partitions of wet areas in a building
that can cause mold growth. And the right and ideal material and meeting the requirements listed in IRC 2012 is KalsiPart 8 because: KalsiPart 8 with selected materials, designed to be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions and humidity. KalsiPart 8 antifungal and plaque. KalsiPart 8 will return to its original strength when dry, and does not need to be replaced when exposed to water. KalsiPart 8 can be used in special projects with a high level of hygiene. (Hospitals, Schools, Laboratories, Rooms, etc.)

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