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Company Profile

PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia is the pioneer of fiber cement building boards in Indonesia for well over 40 years.

PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia was established in 1971 and started its operation in 1973. Our expertise, integrated quality system and experience for over 40 years in building materials allows PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia to offer you the best solution for each of your dry construction projects.

The majority shareholder is the Belgian industrial group Etex, specialised in manufacturing and sellingsustainable building materials. The minority shareholder is Semen Indonesia. Etex’s four core businesses are: cladding and building boards in fiber cement and plaster, roofing materials, passive fire protection and high performance insulation, and ceramic floor and wall tiles. In Belgium, apart from its headquarters, Etex has three productions sites and two R&D centres. Etex also has sales operations across entire Asia and manufactures in Australia, China and Japan. Etex counts about 14,500 employees operating on 118 production sites in 45 countries and has an annual turnover of more than 3 billion Euro. For more information on Etex: www.etexgroup.com

The head office of PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia is located in Gresik, East Java. Two factories are located respectively in Gresik, East Java and Karawang, West Java.Following a major investment program and capacity extension in 2012 and 2013, PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia disposes of state of the art technology installed at itsproduction site in Gresik, East Java. PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia has also opened in November 2015 a new production site in Karawang, West Java. The Karawang site is dedicated to KALSI products and accommodates the latest generation of European technology for the production and finishing of fiber cement boards. Karawang is the home of the largest and most advanced fiber cement production line yet installed by Etex in the world. The Karawangfactory sets entirely new quality standards for building boards and will introduce new products for applications such as passive fire protection and durable exterior cladding.

PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia products stand for health, durability and quality. Our products are developed and known for their dimensional stability, flexibility and easiness of installation. KALSI and ETER products are produced without asbestos fibers. PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia is the pioneer in Indonesia for asbestos free building board manufacturing technology. You can trust our products, they can be fitted without any hazard for your personal health or the occupants of the buildings in which KALSI and ETER products are installed. Our products are appreciated by building material professionals all over Indonesia and South East Asia. KALSI products enjoy the Indonesian ‘TOP BRAND’ label in 2015 and are awarded the Singapore Green Label. Furthermore, the products are certified according to the main international standards.

ETER products are large roofing elements for housing, industry, and agriculture. KALSI branded products are designed for indoor and outdoor ceilings, partitions, cladding, fascia and flooring.

Sales activities in Indonesia are organized through a nationwide reliable distribution network. Contact our hotline or drop us a request for contact on this site if you want to find out where you can get our products. PT Eternit Gresik also exports its asbestos free boards throughout South East Asia and other parts of the world. If you are an international customer, please contact the Eternit sales office at Kuala Lumpur, www.kalsi-building-solutions.com dan info@kalsi-building-solutions.com.

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