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KalsiFloor 20

KalsiFloor 20 is a flooring board of 20 mm thick, suitable for floor cover application in indoor use for any residential housing, apartment and public building with specific load requirements where quick installation and durability are key. KalsiFloor 20 is the only fiber cement board made in Indonesia able to deliver you a perfectly straight tile, carpet or vinyl floor underlay. KalsiFloor 20 can be directly used as unpainted or painted floor in industrial or commercial buildings. KalsiFloor 20 needs mechanical fixing to metal purlins. The fixing guidelines are a function of the dead load and other parameters. Consult our Panduan KALSI which you can download on this website to be advised on fixing guidelines.
There are numerous advantages by using KalsiFloor 20: As lightweight construction solution KalsiFloor 20 contributes to less structural load of your building, Easy to install, Clean, Flexibility as to which finishing the board will receive and earthquake-resistant as installed solution.

When used as flooring with higher loads, KalsiFloor 20 should be layered with cement mix and reinforced mesh before being covered with ceramics, carpet, vinyl floor, or parquet to prevent damage to the exposed part of the floor. At 600 x 1200 mm module, KalsiFloor 20 can withstand loads up to 800 Kg.

Standart Size

Thick Wide Long Weight
20 1200 2400 84.10


  • Termite Resistance
  • 100% Asbestos Free Environment
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Moisture Resistance




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