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Greenship Point

Environmental performance and Greenship Points


KALSI and ETER are asbestos-free building boards and roof sheets recommended by the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) as green building material and registered in the Green Listing Directory published by INIAS Resource Center. KALSI and ETER products fulfil the criterias of a Green Product and contribute to your Green Building, based on following criteria:

Product Life Cycle:
Material, Design, Production, Transport, Use/Repair and End Life

Applicable Greenship Credit: 
New Building: MRC 2, MRC 5, MRC 6, IHC 3, IHC 7
Existing Building: MRC 2, IHC 7
Interior Space: MRC 4, IHC 3, IHC 9

The production process for your KALSI and ETER products is designed with full process water recycling, rain water feed into the production process and full recycling of production waste. The waste treatment and segregation in our factories is a major contributor to our minimized footprint on the environment.

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