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EBPI Introduces Wood Replacement Products

Jakarta - PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia (EBPI) introduces a variety of new products for building materials solutions in the form of Kalsi and Equitone fiber cement boards,
which have practical, concise, economical and environmentally friendly properties. "Various types of products and sizes are available to keep abreast of trends in building materials
and designs so that they can generally be used for various building functions," said EBPI Marketing & Technical Manager Bagus Hendarto in Jakarta, Thursday (12/4).
Bagus said, his party has many products that can be used by consumers to replace wood, plywood or gypsum. "We have Kalsi Formwork, Kalsi Joint Compound, Kalsi Floor 20,
KalsiClad, Kalsi Plinth 8, and Kalsiplank 12 Fascia, so the development process can be cleaner, faster and more efficient," he added. According to Bagus, by carrying out the technology
from Belgium's Etex Company, the products produced by it have several advantages. Kalsi Formwork can be used to replace wood boards or multiplexes for formwork or concrete mold
applications. Kalsi Formwork is more waterproof, termite resistant, fire resistant and can be used 3-4 times for concrete molds. "The product can also be nailed, screwed, or cut,
in addition to being resistant to slime. This product is available in sizes 122 cm x 244 cm and 120 cm x 240 cm with a thickness of 6-10 mm. For the price starting at Rp 120,000," Bagus said.
Meanwhile, Kalsi Joint Compound will be a very good product to close the ceiling and partition connections. This section, hair cracks often occur due to improper use of gypsum-based compounds.
"This product uses anti crack formula plus (ACF +) technology which has three times stronger strength than ordinary connection compound. The result is easier to use, and the rest of the mixture
can be reused. For the price of this product Rp 135,000 per 20 kg," he explained. For Kalsi Floor 20 products, said Bagus, it is a building material for building floors to
increase instantly and able to withstand loads evenly up to 800 kilograms (kg). "Increasing the floor with a conventional or cast system is very troublesome, time consuming, wasteful, and dirty.
With this product, consumers can increase the floor cleaner, faster and more efficiently," he explained. Bagus added, various innovation products produced by his party could provide
solutions to the world of construction and solutions to the problems of using wood products so far.
"The product range is very complete for all building needs. We are also the first fiber cement board in Indonesia which has an international certificate 100 percent free of asbestos," he concluded.

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