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Kalsi Board Wins "Pertama di Indonesia" Award 2018

Kalsi Board won the first award in Indonesia 2018, for its innovation to make the first Anti-Cracked fibersement compound in Indonesia.
Innovating to create a product of the Kalsi Board Anti-Crackers Composite Compound intends to help alleviate its users who are the majority of construction workers, the innovation was also
awarded as the First Innovation in Indonesia 2018. Susanto Samsudin, as the Chief Commercial Manager of PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia, expressed his happiness to INFOBRAND.ID,
"We are very pleased with this award that we are increasingly motivated to create more products so that they can be useful in the construction world in general and especially construction workers." The achievement of this award Susanto admitted that he believed he would be able to boost his sales even though the process took time, but for now Kalsi Board is more focused on how to
help construction workers who are the majority of these consumers feel more facilitated by using products from Kalsi Board themselves . "Because by helping them work they will be more loyal to our products, so that one day when the longer term sales will increase," said Susanto.
Susanto also hopes that his company will be more active in creating more innovation, and more enthusiasm. "This award is like a vitamin for our company," Susanto concluded.

The Research Methodology of Tras N Co Indonesia
To be able to determine the Winner in the business and industry category, Tras N Co Indonesia surveyed 100 companies selected and surveyed in the February-April 2018 period,
which was considered to have succeeded in creating innovation and the work "First in Indonesia". The "First in Indonesia" Assessment Methodology is based on three aspects of assessment, namely:
The First Aspect, the company that won the "First in Indonesia" fulfill the First element in Indonesia in the product or service category, both innovation and pioneer in its category. Aspect Evidence that the first winning company in Indonesia has evidence or can be proven through media coverage as First in Indonesia for its product and service categories. Validation Aspect, the first winning company in Indonesia must sign a data validation letter or disclaimer as First in Indonesia and or prove by online validation survey
through search engines and mass media. (infobrand.id)

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