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KalsiQua 8

KalsiQua 8 is an 8mm thick fiber cement board, 100% asbestos free product, consisting of the following: cement, selected mineral fillers, organic reinforcing fibers, and functional additives that are specifically designed for wet area applications. KalsiQua 8 acts as a high performance wet area application board, and requires no additional waterproofing. KalsiQUa 8 has a wide range of applications, could be applied as backer board for curtain wall applications, exterior system with rendering, interior wet area application, and many other wet area application systems.
KalsiQua 8 is perfectly suited for painting and rendering application and was conceived to be a complementary product in wet area applications to the KalsiPart 8, which has excellent ceramic tile backer properties. With KalsiQua 8 and KalsiPart 8, you will have a full wet area system. The joints between boards can be alternatively open (visible joint) or closed (flush joint). Please consult our Panduan KALSI for application advice, you can find it in the download section. For interior wet area applications KalsiQua 8 can be fixed to the exclusive KALSI metal frame (KalsiFrame MT-51 & KalsiFrame MS-51) using KalsiScrew PC. For applications with low exposure of water, the boards could be jointed using KalsiKompon IN-F and KalsiTape FG-50. For applications with high exposure of water, the boards joint should be filled with backer rod and then applied paintable polyurethane sealant for closing the joint to create a complete water tight system, and for the best finishing result we advice a flexible acrylic emulsion paint.
KalsiQua 8 should be fixed to the KALSI light steel system, to guarantee an application system with good durability and no sagging or joint cracking over time. Please note that several international certificates on acoustic performance, mechanical strength and fire resistance are available for our KalsiQua 8 system. The certificates can be downloaded from this website. A professional installer will install an application which will last for decades without losing any of its esthetical value.
The extremely durable KalsiQua 8 is the most durable and polyvalent wet application board you will find in the market. It is in fact that KalsiQua 8 is the only Indonesian made fiber cement wet area applications board with a full set of international certificates.
Contact our hotline for advice on installers and distributors in your area or leave us a request in the contact form on this site.

Standart Size

Thick Wide Long Weight


  • Termite Resistance
  • 100% Asbestos Free Environment
  • Moisture Resistance




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