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Rain Water Management

Rain water and process water management

Indonesia's fresh water supplies are under stress of industrialization, strong population growth and deforestation. Especially during dry season the underground water reserves are quickly running out. In order to contribute to fresh water management, PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia invested in large rain water storage facilities to reduce the fresh water consumption in its production process.

PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia disposes in its production facilities of large rain water storage units, which are capable to provide water during a major part of the year for production purposes. Besides active use of rain water, PT Etex Building Performance Indonesia installed a process water recycling and clearing unit. It allows full reusage of process waters in a closed loop for the production process and reduces water dumping to public gutter systems to an absolute minimum. Any few remaining waters which can not be absorbed in the process and are generated occasionally by for instance an emergency stop following a power outage, are passed to a water purification unit before they are evacuated to the public sewage system.

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