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KalsiPlank 10-IL

The interlocking profile of the KalsiPlank 10-IL series is designed to transform a facade into a perfectly flat and watertight surface with the integration of a horizontal shadow line between the sidings and a functional water drip edge helping to keep the facade clean in a natural way. To get the best esthetic value out of a KalsiPlank 10-IL project, we advise to use the KalsiScrew PC on a metal substructure. Please refer to our Serial Kayu installation guide for application advice. KalsiPlank 10-IL is as any other KALSI product a durable, reliable, flexible and 100% asbestos free product.

Standart Size

Thick Wide Long Weight
10 200 3000 8.75


  • Termite Resistance
  • Reaction to Fire
  • 100% Asbestos Free Environment
  • Moisture Resistance




Provides water line effects with KalsiPlank 10 IL

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