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KalsiPlank 9 Cedar

KalsiPlank 9 Cedar is a decorative siding of 9 mm thick, suitable for lapped facade and fascia applications where extra long length is required. Designed with authentic Cedar wood streaks on the surface to add aesthetics to the exterior of your building. KalsiPlank 9 Cedar is 4 meters long and allows to reduce the number of joints on a wider application. We advise you for the finishing, to use an appropriate paint type. Consult our Serial Kayu installation guide which you can download on this website to be advised on all finishing and fixing guidelines. KalsiPlank 9 Cedar can be easily installed on a metal frame or wooden frame. In order to prevent water leakage during rainfall to the back side of the board, please follow the fixing instructions correctly. Use galvanized metal frames to avoid rusting. If applied onto a wooden frame, please paint the wood up front in order to avoid mould and termite problems.

Standart Size

Thick Wide Long Weight
9 200 4000 11.2


  • Termite Resistance
  • Reaction to Fire
  • 100% Asbestos Free Environment
  • Moisture Resistance




Thanks to kalsiplank the buildings look elegant and natural

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