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KalsiBoard Ling 4

KalsiBoard Ling 4 is a board of 4 mm thickness, suitable for interior ceiling applications. We advise you to work with closed joints between the boards (flush joint). For the best esthetical result of your project we advise you to use Kalsi Joint Compound, KalsiKompon IN-F and KalsiTape FG-50. Fixing should be done by using our KALSI metal frame solution (KalsiFuring) and using the specifically developed KalsiScrew CE-S. A professional installer will install a ceiling which will last for decades without loosing any of its esthetical value. KalsiBoard Ling 4 is a fast and economical solution ment to replace plywood for interior ceiling renovation projects but as this product can serve you as well in new built projects because of its surface flatness and high tensil strenght. A direct consequence for you is that the installer will need much less skimming and finishing to achieve a perfectly flat ceiling! KalsiBoard Ling 4 performs in a visibly better way as any other thin full size fiber cement board available in the market. It contains no asbestos fibers. Always check the KalsiBoard Ling 4 printing on the board to ensure you use an original KALSI board.

Standart Size

Thick Wide Long Weight
4 1220 2440 17.5
4 1200 2400 16.6


  • Termite Resistance
  • Reaction to Fire
  • 100% Asbestos Free Environment
  • Moisture Resistance




Strong, mold free, termites & humidity resistant ceiling

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